Yacht Charter Turkey - Sailing experience in the Mediterranean
Let your soul enjoy pure relaxation

Our many years of experienced yacht captain will navigate you on your "Blue Cruise" safely through the most beautiful areas along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, with quaint blue bays. He informes you daily on the characteristics of the actual sailing route.  A holiday and travel experience of a relaxing yacht charter in the most beautiful manner.

And our cook makes for the well being of our leisure passengers on board. Of course with classic dishes of traditional Turkish cuisine. It's always from new amazing what kind of delicacies he always conjures in his galley, which is typically not that large on a yacht.

The entire gulet crew is always careful to make your Blue Cruise with us to be an unforgettable experience of a most refreshing and relaxing yacht charter on the Turkish Mediterranean.


The big plus of a cabin charter - Get to know new people and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere on board.

Is there a better opportunity to meet new, nice people than on a gulet charter yacht with common experiences, activities and with excellent food. Such an exciting vacation on the blue Mediterranean is a real asset to you and your new friends.


The big plus of a full yacht charter - Enjoy an unforgettable holiday with people you care about.

You want to spend a wonderful holiday with all your friends, your whole family or your nice colleagues? Then a "Blue Cruise" on our charter yacht is exactly the right thing for you.

Here you will find everything that makes a travel in a closed group of people to a relaxed experience. Relaxation, a pleasant atmosphere, distance from a hectic day and a wonderful community experience, which you can share with your friends or relatives for a long time and which will connect you with each other.

Our Gulet-Yachts are particularly suitable for family trips, trips with friends, collegues or  clubs members, but also for adventurous birthday celebrations as well as for single travels. Simply charter our yacht as a whole and decide who you spend your holidays in the Mediterranean with.

Not enough fellow travelers found? There need be no obstacle. We used gulet yachts of different sizes and - on request - we are arranging fellow travelers which would like to join an existing yacht charter group.

What does "Gulet"really mean? - A term for a traditional Turkish sailing ship

The exact origin of the word 'gulet' is not known. On the French Mediterranean coast 'Goulettes' are known since the 18th Century. The generic term gulet in Turkey appears not before the accelerated tourism in the 80s. Meanwhile, Gulet includes wooden ships built as Spitzgatter and Spiegelketchen. There are even people who call steel and fiberglass-built wood-like vessels as Gulet, when they were built at Turkish shipyards and are similar  to the design.

It is possible that the Turkish gulet origins from the Venetian 'Galiota'. A variety of nautical terms came indeed  from the Italian-Greek-Turkish seaman gibberish to the Turkish coast. So 'galiota' is also valid for a 'galleon' with cargo form. And 'galiota' could come from 'galea' a term for different types of vessels from the 12 until the 18th Century. Experience the Mediterranean at its best - yacht charter with Mutlu Kaptan!